How it got started

Before I became self-employed, I used to work at a large, world-wide automotive company headquartered in Germany.   For two-thirds of my career there, I was more than just an engineer - I was an instructor.

I taught what was called the "Double E Refresher", a weekly one hour course helping those in my department remember what they were taught in college.   It was a course that went from "what is electricity", all the way through intermediate circuit design.

It was during my time as a teacher that I realized I had a lot to teach, and that I liked doing it!   It was then I decided that when I left that job, I would write books for the self-taught designer.   I wouldn't make it too complex, just complex enough to learn how to build some simple prototypes.

I just started not too long ago, and my first one is available for download from Amazon!   I'll be writing plenty more, so you can either check back often, or you can send me an email with your name and email address.   I'll send you an email when a new book is published.

Just email with your name and email address, and let me know you want to be updated when future books are released.

Books written by Monnie Holt

I've divided my first book into 5 separate books.   Instead of having one book that is 300 or 400 pages, I thought that 50 to 80 page books would be easier to digest.   It also allows me to price them lower.   Another benefit is the reader can pick and choose the topics they are interested in without buying a larger, more expensive book.

All of my books will be available on Amazon as an eBook.   Here is the list, which will grow as more books are released!

Book 1 Understanding Electronics Design