USB-Enabled 16 Amp Solenoid Actuator with USB Functionality

Solenoid Array

This solenoid array was used to lock up to 32 drawers in a cabinet.   The array could be laid out in any way the customer wanted (4x8, 16x2, etc.).

USB and Web Enabled

When connected to a WiFi enabled device via USB, all of its statistics can be accessed via the web, or via an application on the connected device (such as a computer or tablet).   Information such as how often it's opened, who was logged in to the device at the time, how long the cabinet drawer was open, etc, is all available.

Each drawer can be individually opened via the web or an App on the computer or tablet.

Password Protection

In order to open any drawer, the user must first enter in a password on a keypad membrane, or on the application on the computer or web-site.   Each attempt to open the cabinet is logged, along with a time-stamp.

In lieu of a password, the user could use a physical key and unlock all drawers at once in an emergency situation

Back-up battery

The cabinet was powered by an external source, but had an internal back-up battery that would stay powered for weeks - however the web and USB functioanly would be lost and the user would have to either use the key, or the membame keypad.   This was to lengthen battery life.   This board has an integrated sepic battery charger that keeps the back-up battery topped-off to 100%.

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