How It Works

If you are considering hiring Circuit Design Services, you probably fall into one of these categories:

Circuit Design Services will gladly help with all of these situations!   I enjoy learning about new ideas and products, and we look forward to working with you.

The following process is typical with all of my clients:

  • You have a bright idea for a new product!

  • You send an email or call to explain your general product idea. If you have a patent, sending it can be helpful, and pictures speak 1000 words!

  • I visit you at your place of business for a free consultation, or we have a conversation over the phone and discuss the idea. This generally takes between 30 minutes and 3 hours. In-person discussions are generally much more productive.

  • I write and send a fixed price bid for the project, or an estimate of time likely spent.

  • We agree on terms such as payment and delivery and sign a custom-built contract.   Typically, my clients and I agree on half up front, and, upon project completion, Net 15 days.   An exception is for ongoing work.   In that case I will send out monthly invoices with a NET 15 days term (or whatever we agree on).

  • I send screen shot updates when requested.

  • I send the invoice for the balance, and, after receiving payment, I deliver the manufacturing files.

  • You are a happy customer :-) and refer me to your colleagues!

Typical Cost and Lead Time

To give you an idea for cost, projects I've done have ranged between about $500 all the way up to about $10,000. I accepted the $500 project on a Friday, and the following Monday the customer had their deliverables.   The $10,000 project took me about 2 months to complete.   I usually have multiple clients at any given time.

Thank you,
Monnie J. Holt, P.E.
Circuit Design Services, LLC