About Circuit Design Services

Circuit Design Services is dedicated to designing electronics for a wide range of applications, and for a wide range of people and businesses.   You can call or email with any idea you might have for a new product, or with an old product that you want redesigned to make it more cost effective.

I can help you every step of the way.   I can offer a free initial consultation to discuss your ideas, and follow up with an estimate for time and materials agreement, or fixed price bid for engineering efforts.  This depends on the size of the project and what you prefer.   A "time and materials" agreement will always cost less than a fixed price bid.   That's because there can be a lot of risk in estimating all of my efforts, especially long-term.   If I have to assume risk then the price will be larger.   For time and materials there is much less risk on my side, so I can offer my time at a standard rate.

The deliverable I offer is "everything electrical you will need to provide a manufacturer to build your electronic device." I strive for perfection in the design.   I know the product will be the heart of your business, the electronics behind it is the heart of mine.

I can work as your outsourced engineering department to design, prototype, test, and build, or just supplement your team of engineers to help get your product to market on time.

Please take a moment to see how it works if you're considering working with me.

Thank you,
Monnie J. Holt, P.E.
Circuit Design Services, LLC