Wireless 20 Amp Motor Controller

High Portability

The customer required a rugged motor controller to work in a broad range of applications.   Each application required a different current limit due to power supply limitations.   However, the same board and component population had to be used for all applications.  A jumper selectable current limit was chosen with 3 different limits to meet all requirements.  

The customer also required the option to select automatic movement or manual movement.   With the selection of a jumper, the board can make the motor fully extend up or down with the single press of a button, or move only while the button is being pressed.   Up and down movements are selected independently.

Wired and Wireless Control

This product can be controlled in two ways:
1) Using a toggle switch for up/down control
2) Using a wireless key-fob similar to an automotive key-fob for up/down control.

Rugged Design

This controller was designed and tested to handle over 50 Amps of surge and stall current.   Heavy traces and good circuit design kept this board low cost while still meeting all customer requirements.

The next generation product with this client will be memory positioning.

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