Industrial Fluid Filtration Controller

Robust "Generic" Design

This hardware can perform in multiple "end-use" applications due to it's generic design:
1) 4 output relays rated for use at 120 VAC/DC
2) 3 output MOSFETs rated at 30 Volts DC
3) 2 "4-20mA" transducer inputs (jumper selectable to become 2 limit switch inputs)
4) 2 opto-coupler inputs

Fault Detection and Warning

The controller is also capable of detecting and reporting faults, such as:
1) Motor over-current
2) 4-20mA currents out-of-range.
3) Time between Opto-coupler signal too long

Low Cost Solution

The customer needed a re-design of their original product due to part obsolescence - their design was over 10 years old.   Since they already planned on updating the PCB, they decided to modernize with a complete digital solution to replace their old hard-to-use analog one.

Although you may expect a "smart" LCD solution to cost more than its "dumb" tachometer counterpart, I was able to bring this in at a much lower manufacturing cost by following some key guidelines.

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